Eleanor Tallie No Turning Back CD cover

Eleanor Tallie's debut EP album (released in March 2016), No Turning Back, was recorded at the world famous Royal Studios and marks the first time for 2016 Grammy winner, Lawrence 'Boo' Mitchell, and his son, Uriah Mitchell, to co-produce an album.

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Executive Production: Eleanor Tallie, Corey Steinberg

Production: Lawrence 'Boo' Mitchell, Uriah 'Lil Riah' Mitchell

Composition, Lyrics, Lead Vocals: Eleanor Tallie

Photography: Sydney Buring

Guitar: Michael Toles

Keyboard: Lester Snell

Saxophone: Lannie McMillanm Kirk Smothers

Trumpet: Dedrick Davis

Bass: Ray Griffin

Drums, Precussion: Terence F. Clark

Background Vocals: Sharisse Norman, Candise Rayborn-Marshall

No Turning Back Eleanor Tallie back cover

 An album designed to elevate the mind and uplift the soul, No Turning Back perfectly captures Eleanor Tallie’s jaw-dropping vocals and powerful songwriting. While the record certainly falls into the definition of Neo-Funk, it is hard to overlook the variety of genres and sub-genres which emerge when drifting from track to track.


Throughout the recording process, No Turning Back became a symbol of mindfulness as it developed into something much more than a simple studio recording. Each track on this EP embarks on a different journey through the heart of human emotion.


Eleanor elegantly bridges the gap between her past and her future on No Turning Back.

The story told behind these songs is one of relationship challenges (“I Tried”); an inner calling for change of perspective (“Hell or Heaven”); A long-awaited love finally found (“Sunlight”); an understanding and celebration of the present (“My Present”); optimistic observations to live by, which include a hypnotic prayer in Hebrew, accompanied by a strumming sitar (“Gotta Be Happy); and a sassy song that gives listeners a little kick, explaining what a real man really is all about (“A Real Man”).

This EP will make you want to shake it.

It captures a sound that is both timeless and new, and on a deeper level, has a message that is worth hearing over and over again. Life is a present, so celebrate it. 

Eleanor Tallie
Photography: Anthony Earl


Eleanor Tallie I Tried

First single off of the Debut EP entitled

"I Tried" came out Feb 5th on iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify and Amazon Music.